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The ancient art of Reflexology depicted by the Egyptians in the pyramids and is found in very old sanskrits and documents, this ancient treatment that has its roots in many old cultures and civilisations. It is a non invasive treatment that is carried out mainly on the feet, it is possible to use the  hands and ears too, using the ears is rare these days. The whole body and the organs can be mapped onto the feet, hands and our ears, which means the therapist can feel where there are imbalances and sometimes work out from this the best way forward with treatments. A course of 6 treatments is highly recommended, it takes 3 consecutive weekly treatments usually before you start to feel and recognise changes in chronic conditions. It is recognised that 6 consecutive treatments work best, then reduce the treatments to once a month at least to help maintain the optimum functioning of the organs.

Smart Goals

How It Works : The therapist as they work your feet will feel different things, it can feel like grit, bubble wrap, a hole, solid, fluid, a little hard pea.  These are what lets us know where there is an imbalance, and what Reflexes to pay particular attention to, so that we can clear the blockages.  Because the meridians terminate in our hands and feet Reflexology is very akin to acupuncture and acupressure in the way to works; clearing blockages and improving the energy flow in our bodies which supports the bodies natural functions and maintaining health

New Client Forms

Pre Treatment : Before Jacqueline settles you onto the couch and starts the treatment there will be a consultation especially prior to the Initial Treatment, to establish your problems and your expectations of the treatment.  This is why it is good to fill in the relevant New Client Form, send it to Jacqueline Prior to the treatment it cuts down on consultation time allowing more time for the treatment.

Initial Treatment: Once you are settled onto the couch and supported by cushions and pillows Jacqueline will start the treatment by working each reflex on the right foot in turn, working all the systems of the body and Noting where the imbalances lay.  Once completed the right foot Jacqueline will change over to the left foot and work on all the organs reflexes on the left hand side of the body

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Post Treatment : Once the treatment is complete and you are ready to get up and move about, Jacqueline will talk about the findings with you if you would like her to.  It is at this stage where Goals may be reviewed and adjusted to make sure your needs and expectations are met.  Also Jacqueline may give you some home work by showing you the Reflexes you can work at home between treatments to enhance the treatment and its effects.

Follow up Treatments : First thing is to check out how you have been, experienced and observed – improvements, changes, good or bad.  The treatment will commence and the reflexes worked in the same order as before.  The difference this time is when a Reflex is found to out of balance or certain reflexes are indicative of needing extra treatment due to your condition; then these will be reworked once treatment is complete.

How to make an appointment : Book on line below, or contact Jacqueline by submitting request form

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Baby Reflexology
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