Ultimate Massage Experience

‘The Ultimate Massage Experience’  is jacqueline’s signature treatment, it has taken Jacqueline years to develop and perfect.
Ultimate massage experience
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Jacqueline has spent years of training, and developing herself that has lead to this treatment evolving; through using her knowledge and experience to adjust and fuse together the different styles and approaches to treatments.  During the massage Jacqueline pulls on all her expertise to make your experience as unique for you as we are from each other, to ensure that your needs are met and you walk away feeling transformed.

The treatment starts with you and Jacqueline talking about how you want to feel: – Jacqueline encourages you to use positive words: Free; Loose; Light; Grounded; Connected; Whole, Refreshed, Energised, Calm – the words have to be yours.  Jacqueline may have made an Aromatherapy blend while your talking if Jacqueline feels this will benefit you.  Music will have been chosen to suit your mood or the style you need Fire – energising; Air – replenishing; Water – flowing / nurturing ; Earth – Grounding or Ether a mixture.  As the work begins Jacqueline, will be ‘listening’ to your tissues and will work accordingly, moving around the your body as its speaks.

The Treatment may include Reflexology, Hot Stones, Aromatherapy, Colon Massage, Reiki all pulled together adds up to ‘The Ultimate Massage Experience’.   The way that it is all brought together means that not every part of the body is worked (it is not classed as a Full Body like in Swedish or Deep tissue for instance) as Jacqueline works the areas that need attention most.  For instance if you have a particularly tight shoulder then using her Reflexology knowledge the shoulder and hip reflex (cross reflexes) in the foot will be released to ease the actual shoulder joint as it would probably be too painful to manipulate the actual shoulder its self.

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