Reiki Treatments

Reiki Treatments are a non invasive way of topping up our batteries after a long hard day at work or a run of sleepless nights.

Usui Reiki Universal energy
The History of Reiki

Reiki: is a Natural system of healing using Universal Energy ‘Life Force’. It is where the therapist holds the space for you, allowing the energy to come in and help direct it to where its needed.  So that you can calm and find your own energy to heal yourself.’

Developed and founded by Dr Mikao Usui from Japan, who now has practitioners and Masters Practicing throughout the world.  Of which I am proud to be a Practitioner and Master, and have the ability to pass on this knowledge to others and give those needing it treatments as taught by Sensei Usui.

How it Works :
Kundalini Reiki
Chakras & Kundalini

Once attuned to Reiki a Therapist can channel Universal Energy (Spiritual Energy, Reiki energy, Life source energy); into your energy centres.  The Chakras, where it is dispersed through the Kundalini and Meridians to the organs of the body.  Energising them and supporting then through their normal bodily functions, helping to maintain Health.  It revitalises and energises the receiver and helps them to make contact with themselves.

Pre Treatment : 

There are a few things that Jacqueline needs to know before a treatment, Mainly what your problems are and your expectations of the treatment.  Which is why she asks if you can to fill in the relevant New client form and send it to her prior to treatment.  So that there is more treatment time when you arrive and the treatment can start straight away.

The Treatment : 

You will be made comfortable on Jacqueline’s couch (or you may be in a chair if it is a pamper party or event), using cushions, pillows and blankets.  Jacqueline will check your Aura and Chakras looking at your energy levels and for blockages.  These will be cleared during the treatment so that your energy can flow freely through your body.  Jacqueline will start at the head and work her way down the body to the feet, clearing and energising as she goes.  The main areas where the hands are placed (not always touching) are the 7 Main Chakra’s and 21 minor ones which are found in our hands, feet and our organs.

Post Treatment : 

Jacqueline rechecks your Aura and Chakras to make sure your energy is flowing evenly and everything has been cleared that can be during this session.  If there is anything left to clear this is when Jacqueline will do this to complete the treatment before she lets you get up and walk about.  When you are ready to get up Jacqueline will remind you how to take care of yourself over the next 24 hours and may check out her findings with you if you would like her to.

Training :

Reiki training buttonAs a Master Jacqueline can Attune you to Reiki so that you can treat yourself and others there are 3 levels to Attunements 1, 2 and Masters you will find more information about this on the Reiki Training Page; Events Page; Shedul; Eventbrite and Ticket Source.

How to make an appointment : Book on line below, or contact Jacqueline by submitting request form

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