Treatments what to expect pre, during and post

What to Expect

The treatment starts before you enter the room, it starts on your way to Jacksfeet; how you are feeling put this aside and think about how you want to feel, these positive thoughts start the healing process.
Once Jacqueline has checked these questions out with you
1 What are your needs & expectations – remember GOALS need to be SMART Goals
2 How you want to feel positive words free, loose. supple; taller; soft; grounded (they must be your words)
3 You are settled onto the couch, proper with cushions and pillows as required, covered and kept warm (it is important that throughout the treatment you are kept warm especially the area – limb, back, abdomen that has just been worked
4 Jacqueline may make an essential oil blend or checks any equipment needed is ready to go
5 Music is chosen
6 Jacqueline mainly works in silence so that she can concentrate on whats happen in your tissues and tune into this, there may be at times she needs to check out with you depth, speed or get you to breath with her for certain techniques as they work best when working together.
7 There are times when she may need you to guide her giving her hand signals these will be taught you when they are needed on instance is the colon treatment.
8 Post treatment Jacqueline will leave the room and leave you to settle to come around from the treatment and just be.
9 Jacqueline will check out with you that you are ready to make your way home, you may need a drink and grounding before you leave.
10 Don’t forget to rebook your next appointment before you go

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Smart Goals

What to Expect