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Usui Reiki Universal energy

History of Reiki

Developed and founded by Dr Mikao Usui from Japan. Sensei Usui believed that everyone should be attuned to Reiki to provide the people with the ability to achieve connection with the Universal Life Force energy that would help them in their self-development.
Sensei Usui’s would teach everyone he met Reiki, it is recorded that he attuned >2000 people. In April 1922 he opened his first school/clinic in Harajuku Tokyo. When he set up his healing centre at first everyone was treated the same student and client alike, some came for healing and others for spiritual teachings. It was later as some became dedicated students and became Reiki Masters themselves that the teaching of Reiki spread throughout the world. Sensei Usui had a small manual which is now translated into English and published by Western Reiki Master living in Japan, Frank Arjava Petter, under the title “The Original Reiki Handbook of Dr Mikao Usui”

£47.00 – Full Treatment
£35.00 – Part Treatment
£25.00 – Pamper Party & Events Treatment
£117.00 – Level 1 Reiki Training x2 ½ days
£207.00 – Level 2 Reiki Training x2 full days

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Usui Reiki Universal energy
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