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At Jacksfeet each Aromatherapy blend is made up just for you as you are talking to Jacqueline before the treatment beginning.
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Aromatherapy oils were being made and used by man over 4,000 years ago, records, relics and stills have been found to pre-date this.  Man over the centuries has recognised the benefits to using plants and the oils made them, and has  successfully managed at times to help support the bodies optimal functions of all the systems of the bodies health and wellness, especialyl when used alongside conventional medicine.

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Whilst you are talking to Jacqueline prior to treatment she will be listening to you and analysing what you are saying she will ask you questions to confirm what you are telling her and then she will blend an oil that is specific to you on that day. The base oils (carrier oils) Jacqueline uses are mainly Almond, Grapeseed or coconut; if Jacqueline feels that a little extra is required she will blend other base oils in to enhance the properties of the blend. The oils is applied to your body then using neuromuscular techniques which aid the absorption of the essential oils Jacqueline will perform an Aromatherapy massage.

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Aromatherapy First Aid Training

Full treatment: included in this treatment is a unique blend of oils made specifically for you with a full body massage.

Part Treatment : after blending an oil that is specific to your immediate needs Jacqueline then concentrates on one part of the body, – ie. Back neck & shoulders, Legs, Head and Face ………..

Pamper Party & Events Treatment : pre blended oils are used for this purpose, your choice is from a Relaxing; Nurturing; Energising or a Grounding blend, delivered by massaging shoulders and neck; hands or feet.

Initial Treatment – Please fill in a new client form if you have not been to see Jacqueline before and send it to her as it will cut down consultation time greatly and give more time for the treatment.  All the information Jacqueline will need is on the form.

It is important that Jacqueline does know what medication you are on and any medical conditions that you have with this therapy as the essential oils can affect some medications and are contraindicated to some illnesses.

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