Jacksfeet at Sneinton Market

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Jacksfeet at Sneinton Market – Jacksfeet Holistic Treatment and Training Centre opened her doors to the public on 21st July 2003, Unit 19 & 21 on Avenue B, Sneinton Market NG1 1GN. It was Jacquelines dream come true to have her own centre, where everyone could come and feel safe, cared or and nurtured. Jac loved it how when she was working on a client, another client; student or friend would come in and she would hear the kettle go on; they would make themselves a drink. Sometimes Jac would never see the visitor but she knew they had felt ‘at home and free to come and go as they needed’ as they had had a drink and left one for her too.
Jacksfeet was very successful on the market and Jacqueline built a very strong client and student base whilst there on the market, she doesn’t regret her time she spent there and always holds her time on the market with the other market unit owners in a very special place and with he fondest of memories. Jacksfeet relocated to Trent Bridge in 2009 where it stayed for only a year as Jac’s mum became terminally ill and she had to move the centre to her home still inSneinton but ran from Hardstaff Road Sneinton NG2 4HR 07973 614 555 Road NG@ 4HR.
You will find Jacksfeet at Fringez and Freckles now in Hawes North Yorkshire DL8 3RD

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