Eye Treatments Eyelashes and Brows

Eye treatments – Looking after your Eyelashes and Eyebrows for you

At Jacksfeet in our eye treatments, we only use highly recommended products.  We also have vegetable dyes for those with allergies, looking after our precious eyes.

eyetreatmenst selection tints
Eyelashes and Eyebrows Tinting Products
eye treatments selection of veg based tints
Vegetable-based eyelashes and eyebrows Tints

At Jacksfeet we know its important to look good, this is why we only use the right products

Eyelashes and Eyebrows treatments

button for Waxing eye treatments linkeye treatments application formWhen considering how you want to look.  The shape and colour of your eyes, the colour of your hair and skins shades an important factor.

Five Eye Treatments to choose from
  1. Just tint your eyelashes, makes them look longer and thicker
  2. I can tint your eyebrows, what colour would you aim for?
  3. Shape your eyebrows to the desired shape,  thickness, using the clean and easy wax system.
  4. Tint and shape your eyebrows
  5. Tint your eyelashes and eyebrows then shape the eyebrows for you
eye treatments colour chart
Eye Treatments tinting Colour Chart
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