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Ear candling: Also known as Coning or Hot Auricular Treatment; a lot of people call it Hopi Ear Candles it is a term that was devised by one of the manufacturers, however the Hopi Tribe has asked for it not to be related to them as it is not a treatment that they themselves lay claim to. There are many ancient cultures that have used this method pictures and writing show it being used; Ear Candling is an unique way to introduce essential oils and healing Bee properties into the body.

How it works: It works on many levels of the body; it is a very soothing and nurturing treatment.  The gentle burning of the bees wax and  fine linen creates warmth; which stimulates a gentle vasodilation of the blood vessel in the ear canal.  As the candle burns the essential oils and goodness in the bees wax is released into the candles smoke and carried down the candle into the ear, where the essential oils and bees product properties can be directly absorbed into the increased blood supply in the ear canal easily as the skin here is a mucous membrane.  The noise and movement of the flame are all part of this treatment.

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Pre Treatment : It is important that you inform Jacqueline of any ear problems, such as glue ear; grommets; infection as you may not be able to receive this treatment without GP’s knowledge.
The Treatment : Once you are settled, propped with pillows and comfortable on your side with your better ear uppermost, first tries the candle in your ear so you know what it feels like and to check it fits.  Jacqueline will then light the candle and insert it just into the outer ear canal, supporting it there by wrapping her hands around the base of the candle (which also gives you support and a nurtured feeling).  Each candle can take between 10 and 20 minutes to burn down to the safety line around the candle, once it has reached this point the candle is removed and extinguished

Post Treatment : The therapy stimulates circulation and blood flow in the area of the ears; eyes; nose and throat, supporting these areas for optimal function health and wellness.  For the next 24 hours you may find that you will near to clear your nose; yes may water; wax will be pushed out of the ear canal by the freed up hairs. Resulting in brighter hearing

Do not do this treatment at home on your own.
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