Ear Candling

Ear Candling a unique way to introduce essential oils and healing Beeswax properties into the body.

Other known names

Jacksfeet Button for therapies Prices ear candlingSometimes called Coning or Hot Auricular Treatment. Also called Hopi Ear Candles it’s a term that was devised by one of the manufacturers. However, the Hopi Tribe has asked for it not to remain related to them it’s not a treatment that they themselves lay claim to. Many ancient cultures have used this method pictures and writing show it being used. 


How Ear Candling works

button Ear Candling
Ear Candling

It works on many levels of the body; it’s a very soothing and nurturing treatment.  The gentle burning of the beeswax and fine linen creates warmth; thus gently stimulating vasodilation of the blood vessel in the ear canal.  The released essential oils and goodness in the beeswax mix into the smoke of the candles. Then carried on the smoke down the candle into the ear.  Here in the ear canal the skins a mucous membrane, making it easy for the absorption of the essential oils and beeswax properties into the blood.  The noise and movement of the flame all play a part in this treatment.

Pre your Ear Candling Treatment

New Client Form Colour therapy ear candling

Firstly, you must inform me of any ear problems, such as glue ear; grommets; infection as you may not be able to receive this treatment without GP’s knowledge.

Secondly, please fill in a new client application form and submit it to me.  Then I can get in touch to arrange a free pre-treatment telephone consultation. This will cut down consultation time during the treatment and allow more time us to work together.

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Thirdly, please contact me directly, I can answer all your questions and book you in for your treatment manually. We can fill the form in at this time if we both have enough time. Or arrange a more convenient time for both of us.

Ear Candling the Treatment

Ear Candling Viki
Ear Candling seated

The Treatment starts with you laid on your left or right side. With your best ear upwards. I will make you comfortable using pillows to support you and blankets to keep you warm.

This is a full treatment allow an hour to hour and half. The candles take between 10 – 20 minutes each to burn. The rest of the time consists of the facial lymphatic drainage massage, consultation time, getting ready and after care.

Before I light the candle, I will let you feel what it will feel like once placed in your ear. I will give you an indication of what you will hear and feel. We’re all different which means I can not tell young exactly what your experience will be.

Diagram of the Human Ear ear candling
The Human Ear

Next, once the candles lit, I will place it just inside your ear canal, Keeping you safe, supporting it all the time it’s there. When burnt down to its limit I will remove it and extinguish it in water. Around the candles special card protecting from the candle whilst it burns. Following this your ears then massaged and lymphatic drainage stimulated.

I will then assist you to turn over, rearrange the pillows and blankets, then repeat the process.

Finally I will massage the face using lymphatic drainage techniques.


Post Treatment

  • Time to have a look at the inside of the candle, the residue is not human wax. There’s not enough vacuum created by the candle to pull the wax out of your ear. It softens ear wax making it easier for the hairs to push it out or removal at GP’s.
  • Remember to drink after the treatment you will be detoxing and will need to stay hydrated. we should drink at least 3 litres of fluid per day.
  • Contact me if you’re wanting any aftercare advice or questions answered.
  • We will discuss further treatments, it takes 3 to 4 treatments before you really see and improvement.

How to book a treatment

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Click link to book online
  1. Click on the link and book an appointment on shedul also known as Freesha.
  2. Choose ear candling, then date and time you would like. If it won’t let you book try another date and time or
  3. Call me direct and talk about the treatment and I’ll book you on manually
  4. Send me an enquiry form
  5. Don’t forget to fill in a new client form

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