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Today started with the printer stopping printing – as always when you just need it. Then the rush is on leave the house and get into town driving park up and unloaded at THiNK in Cobden Chambers for 3 great days of massage and therapies.  Set up by 10.00 and raring to go.  In the end a great day, successful talk and treatments under our belts.  The best is yet to come all day tomorrow from 11.30 to 22.00 looking forward to nite lightened seen you all.

Talk at Pop up at THiNK

On Thursday at 12.30 Jacqueline will be giving a talk about her work as an Arvigo® Practitioner and trainer, put it in your diary, come along and have a coffee and cake or lunch and join in this interactive experience

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® Self Care Level 1 Training

The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® Self Care Level 1 Training as taught by Rosita Arvigo

To be held at Jacksfeet  Friday 24th March to Sunday 26th March

A full 2 ½ days workshop, filled with information

Arvigo® Therapy is founded on an ancient Maya technique of a non-invasive, external abdominal massage. Arvigo® Therapy stimulates circulation and blood flow within the abdominal area, supporting the body for optimal function of digestive and fertile health and wellness. It is a therapy that can be applied throughout every stage of a woman, man or childs life.

Arvigo Therapy incorporates a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. Only by treating the whole person on a physical, emotional and energetic level can true healing take place.

For a deeper understanding of the treatment and an introduction to the traditional origins of Arvigo Therapy why not attend a Self Care weekend workshop. This short workshop not only teaches the Ancient Maya heritage
of abdominal massage, why and how to look after your abdomen, guided meditation and lifestyle suggestions but most importantly it offers you the chance to reconnect to an often neglected area of the body, often offering insight into personal conditions and situations experienced.

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Hands On Health The Maya Way

Jacksfeet is at Think on Tuesday 28th February, teaching you about Hands on Health the Maya Way. How to care for yourself using this ancient non invasive method of Abdominal Massage and other modalities as taught by Rosita Arvigo from Belize, 4,000 year old knowledge passed down to her through Don Elijio Panti a renowned healer and Shaman from Belize

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Valentines Day Specials


Looking for that different present for your Valentine well here it is Choose your own package from this large range of treatments at Z and Z Hair Salon brought to you By Jacqueline and Vikki

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