Bio Detox

Bio Detox a Non-Invasive Treatment

What’s a  Bio Detox Treatment?

Bio Detox, a non-invasive treatment!  That supports the body during the natural function of excreting waste from the cells (Detoxing).  Our feet have up to  250,000 sweat glands, that make about one cup, 280mls of sweat every day.   The skin’s an excretory organ because it excretes sweat containing toxins that the body wants rid of.

How Bio Detox works:

Bio Detox
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In the bath, there’s a ray, an Energising Cartridge that creates a bioenergetic field.  Creating a flow of electrons, alternating between a positive and negative charge.  All the chemicals in our bodies carry either a positive or negative charge.  For example, potassium has a positive charge, and ‘like attracts like’!
When the ray’s releasing positive ions, our cells release excess potassium for excretion.  The body continues to naturally release toxins for excretion for 48 hours.  Supporting the body in its work to rebalance the bodies urea and electrolytes.

What Happens During a Treatment :

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Firstly I make you comfortable with cushions and kept warm with blankets.  While soaking your feet in a foot spa, filled with hot water (36 – 38 ˚C), for your comfort.  The Ray in the bath runs for a 30-minute cycle alternating between positive and negative every 5 minutes.  The water may change colour, however, this doesn’t always happen.  During this time ‘kick back and relax’;  perhaps have a manicure, read, listen to music have a cup of tea and a chat.

After Treatment :

I remove your feet from the bath, next wash and dry them.  At this stage, the hard skin’s so soft its an ideal time to have a hard skin removal pedicure.  That’s why this treatment includes a pedicure.

Choosing your treatment

Button for PedicuresWhen you book, choose from one of the following.
Full Treatment includes an Everyday Pedicure.  This consists of skin scrub, removal of hard skin and nail care.  Toenails cut and filed, application of nail varnish only if requested.  To finish you will receive a lower leg and foot massage.
Part Treatment, you will receive a Quick Pedicure.  In this treatment, I will remove the hard skin and cut and file your nails.  Application of nail varnish only if requested.
Pamper Party and Events no pedicure.  Because of limited time, this treatment doesn’t include a pedicure.

Post Treatment :

  • You may notice for 48 hours after the treatment a few natural changes in your body.  Due to the detoxing effect of the treatment.
  • Firstly you pass more urine, it may smell strong, darker in colour.
    Secondly, your faeces may have changed, smell, colour, consistency and amount.
  • Thirdly, your breath and sweat may smell different.
    A natural response due to the Body continuing to detox post-treatment.
  • Drink at least three litres of fluid to prevent dehydration during the next few days.

Pre Initial Bio Detox Treatment :

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  1. First detox treatment?
  2.  Fill in the forms link to the left.
  3. Once submitted I will arrange your free consultation phone call.
  4. This cuts down consultation time greatly giving more time for the treatment.
  5. Please fill in the form, because some medical conditions come with concerns.  If you suffer from them you can not have this treatment.

How to make an appointment :

jacksfeet shedulThree ways you can book

One, fill in the enquiry form and submit it to me I will get back to you, to make arrangements

Two, click on the Online link and the date and time you prefer if you can’t book your first choice pick another.

Three, Ring and leave me a message or text me. I have to keep my phone on silent.  This is because it would disturb you during your treatment.  I will get back to you and when I do I can answer all your questions and book you in manually.

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