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Bio Detox is a non invasive treatment that supports the body during the natural function of excreting waste from the cells (Detoxing).
How it works : Our feet have up to  250,000 sweat glands that make about one cup (about half a pint) of sweat every day, in this sweat are toxins that the body is wanting rid of.  The ray is an Energising Cartridge that creates a flow of electrons and a bioenergetic field.  Alternating between a positive and negative charge.  All the chemicals in our bodies carry either a positive or negative charge which means the electrons being created by the ray is capable of pulling the toxins and chemicals out of the body and into the foot spa, supporting the body in its work to rebalance the bodies urea and electrolytes and  homeostasis

What Happens During a Treatment : The treatment consists of your feet being placed in a foot spa of hot water (36 – 38 ˚C) with the Bio Detox Ray.  The Ray runs for a 30 minute cycle alternating between positive and negative.  The water may change colour but not always.  During this time you can sit and ‘relax’,  perhaps have a manicure, read, listen to music have a cup of Tea and a chat.

After Treatment : your feet are washed and dried,
♻ Full Treatment you will be given an Everyday Pedicure
♻ Part Treatment you will receive a Quick Pedicure
♻ Pamper Party and Events no pedicure

Post Treatment : You may notice for 24 hours after the treatment you pass more urine it may be a strong run smell and colour and also your faces too may change a little.  This is all natural and due to the Body continuing to detox post treatment.

Initial Treatment : Please fill in a new client form if you have not been to see Jacqueline before and send it to her as it will cut down consultation time greatly and give more time for the treatment.  All the information Jacqueline will need is on the form.  It is important that Jacqueline is aware of some of your medical conditions as there are a few that if you suffer from them you can not have this treatment.
Contra Indications
Children under age 5; Pregnant or lactating women; Anyone with pacemakers, electrical implants, breast implants and transplanted organs; Anyone with open wounds on their feet (use hands instead)
Anyone with Type 1 diabetes, congestive heart failure, under going dialysis

How to make an appointment : Book on line below, or contact Jacqueline by submitting request form

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