Aromatherapy explained simply a massage performed using a blend of 3 essential oils.  Blended into a carrier oil or base oil and applied whilst giving you an Aromatherapy Massage.

Aromatherapy Treatments

At Jacksfeet each blend is Unique!

Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy Treatments

Humans have made and used Aromatherapy oils for over 4,000 years. Excavations throughout the world have found examples and proof of this in ancient written records, relics and stills.   Over the centuries the benefits of using plants and oils have played an important part in our lives.  For instance even modern medications namely Aspirin (tree bark) and Digoxin (foxgloves) originally made from plants.  Their properties help control the bodies optimal functions of all the systems.   Especially when used alongside conventional medicine.

Making the blend

Aromatherapy Rosemary

Whilst talking to me, I’m listening to you.  Analysing what you’re saying,  I’ll ask you questions, to confirm I have heard correctly.  From this gathered information I make a blend specifically for you. The base oils (carrier oils) I use are mainly Almond, Grapeseed or coconut. As a result of adding other richer carrier oils ie. Calendula enhances the blend.  Besides, the Neuromuscular techniques used, aid the absorption of the essential oils.

Aromatherapy therapy treatments

3 treatments to choose from, a full-body, a part treatment and a pamper party or event.  It is advisable to fill a client form before your first treatment and submit it to me.  Or contact me so that you can have your initial consultation over the phone.  This gives us more treatment time when we actually meet.

A Full Aromatherapy Treatment:

Aromatherapy Lavender

Generally, as a rule, this treatment lasts an hour.   You receive 45 – 50 minutes of massage, plus 10 to 15 minutes for consultation, undressing and dressing.  You receive a full-body Ultimate massage, using the unique Aromatherapy blend made for you and the neuromuscular techniques.  I will also use other tools, accelerators, for example, either hot stones / hot water bottle, the nova sonic.  These increase the absorption rate of the essential oils.

A Part  Aromatherapy Treatment:

button Yarrow Aromatherapy
Yarrow anti-inflammatory

Choose a treatment from the part treatments list.  Back, neck & shoulders;  Runners Legs;  Face, neck and head massage, Seated Massage.  The treatment lasts 30 minutes, the massage takes 20 minutes with 10 minutes for consultation, undressing and dressing.  This treatment includes your chosen massage and the blend made specifically for you. Because we need to improve the absorption rate of the oils, I use neuromuscular techniques and often a heat source.

Pamper Party & Events Treatment:

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I use pre-blended oils for this purpose, using only safe oils.  You have a choice between a Relaxing; Nurturing; Energising or a Grounding blend.  Chosen by smelling only 3 of the blends, then choose the one you most like.  In blends, I use oils known for their hypoallergenic properties.  Usually grapeseed and coconut for base oils.  Here’s an example of essential oils used lavender, niaouli, orange, mandarin, tea tree.

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At events, I need to know important information about yourself, allergies, medication, medical history.  Because we do not have long together, the massage takes 10 to 15 minutes.  Frequently we may only have 20 minutes in total time together.

Initial Treatment.  

Jacksfeet Forms
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If you have not been to see me previously please fill in a new client form. Before your treatment and you come to see me I will contact you by phone for a chat.  As a result of this consultation, times cut down greatly and gives more time for the treatment.  All the information I will need is on the form. I must know what medication you are on.  Medical conditions you have.  Your Allergies and their triggers.   Aromatherapy essential oils can affect medications for example peppermint interferes with some antipsychotics drugs.  Some oils can lower blood sugars this raises concerns in such conditions as diabetes.

During Treatment

Aromatherapy Almond Oil
Almond Oil

For absorption to take place easily I make sure you are warm but not sweating.  The essential oils enter the body via the skin and absorbed into the bloodstream, then carried around the body.   The neuromuscular technique stimulates the nerve endings causing vasodilation, this increases their absorption rate.  Other tools that help with absorption, Hot stones, heat lamp, hot water bottle and a Nova Sonic.   As a rule, all of these used to increase blood flow, vasodilation and therefore also aid absorption.

Post Treatment

  • After every treatment its advisable to take timeout, at least half an hpur to an hour.  This time goves the body a chance to settle and for healing to take place.
  • Once the treatment has finished, leave it at least half an hour to two hours before you bathe. This will give ample time for the skin to have absorbed the oils. Blood tests when taken after an aromatherapy treatment, laboratories find most oils after 30 minutes present.

How to book an appointment

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Making an appointment is easy, just take  one of these three steps
Firstly, complete an enquiry form and submit it to me. I will receive a notification to let me know its arrived.
Secondly, to book online click the link to Shedul.  Choose your treatment and where you want to receive it.  Your own home at Jacksfeet or another venue.
Thirdly, if you have questions and would like to talk to me, text me and I will ring you back.
Lastly, when I’m massaging my phones on silent, generally I check it regularly, this results in the quickest response.   Once we have spoken and you want to book I can book you in manually.

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Contact me and make an appointment

  1. Contact me direct

    Use this link to contact me direct
    Jacksfeet Contact me

  2. Book on line

    Once you have chosen your treatment book online at Shedul follow the instructions
    jacksfeet shedul contact Jacqueline

  3. Use Ticket Source for Training and Events

Aromatherapy training

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I have used this company for many years. I find their oils reasonably priced, excellent quality and sourced from reliable producers.