Aromatherapy First Aid at Home

Aromatherapy First Aid at home.
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The second of two 1 day workshops run by Jacksfeet to help you in helping maintain your own health –
What: is this course about?  This workshop covers simple methods to treat minor ailments that you would not necessarily go to the doctors with unless they lasted longer than 48 hours or became an emergency – (ie. insect bites and anaphylaxis).  Head colds, sinusitis, bruises, shock, disturbed sleep, stress, skin conditions.  We will look at 15 safe oils that you can use safely on yourself and your family as first aid remedies

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Aromatherapy about the Home Training

Where : Jacqueline holds these courses at Jacksfeet’s centre.  If you are wanting to host a course, and there is a few of you Jacqueline can organise it to be held in the comfort of your own home, a friends house or Jacqueline can come to your centre if you are part of a group.  Jacqueline has all the equipment needed to deliver this course therefore where the venue is doesn’t present a problem and Jacqueline is happy to travel and will always try to find the right solution for all.   Get in touch with Jacqueline so that these finer details can be discussed and agreed to.

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When : Jacqueline advertises pre arranged workshops on her Events and Face Book Pages, which you are more than welcome to book on. If you are looking at  Hosting or would like to host a workshop, it can be arranged to take place at a convenient time for you and Jacqueline.  Day time; evenings or weekends.  The workshops are all practical based and will involve making or taking part in the exercises.

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What do I need? : No prior training or knowledge is required to attend this course.  Jacqueline supplies handouts for you to keep; all the equipment; products; consumables needed for the workshop, she also brings relevant kits that are available for you and others on the workshop to buy if they so wished. Please supply your own Pens; pencils and paper; food to share or your own snacks and drinks if you have specific dietary requirements. Jacqueline will provide Healthy Snacks and Drinks

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Contact Information

How much is the Course : £45.00 / person, including £5.00 non refundable registration fee

How To Register : Fill in the application form below and submit it to Jacqueline, or contact Jacqueline direct.  There is a non refundable registration fee of £5.00 included in the costs

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This course is for personal use only and does not allow you to practice as a therapist or use any of these remedies on another person.  It is not a First Aid Course – You will not be a qualified First Aider for completing please remember this course it is for PERSONAL USE ONLY

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