Self Care Level 1

Time to take your Health into our own hands by Training in ATMAT® Self Care Level 1

Rosita Arvigo Don Elijio Panti
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Rosita Arvigo Don Elijio Panti
About ATMAT®

The second of two Arvigo® courses on offer to you from Jacksfeet Self Care Level 1.
A 2½ day course packed with information, fun and practical activities.  Learn About the Ancient Maya heritage of abdominal massage the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® – The Self Care Abdominal Massage.  The reasons why and how to look after your abdomen and the other modalities that make is therapy so astounding : The Faja, Vaginal Steam, Castor oil packs and review relevant anatomy & physiology also includes a guided meditation and lifestyle suggestions.  Most importantly it offers you the chance to reconnect to an often neglected area of the body, often offering insight into personal conditions and situations experienced.

Arvigo Massage
Hands on Health The Maya Way

This workshop is open to all men & women who want to learn to care for your self with this profound work.  Completion of this course will qualify you to perform the abdominal massage only on yourself.  If you are interested in becoming a qualified practitioner of The Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® this workshop is a pre-requisite to Professional Care Training – Level 2  Your first step towards the 3  levels of professional training.  Self Care Level 1 is Accredited with 12 hours CPD by the FHT

Self Care Level 1

Where is the Course :
Jacqueline holds prearranged courses at Jacksfeet’s centre which you can find on the events page, advertised on Jacksfeet face book page snd the Arvigo® website.  If you are wanting to host a course, and there is a few of you Jacqueline can organise it to be held in the comfort of your own home, at a friends house or I can come to your centre if you are part of a group.  If you are interested in hosting get in contact with Jacqueline to hear about her special offers for the host.


When is the Course :
Jacqueline advertises pre arranged workshops on her Events and Face Book Pages, which you are more than welcome to book on. If you are looking at Hosting or would like to host a workshop, it can be arranged to take place at a convenient time for you and Jacqueline.  week days or weekends.  The workshops are all practical based and may involve model making and taking part in the exercises.

Massage Abdominal
ATMAT® Prices

How Much is the Courses : £282.00 / person for tuition + $98.00 non refundable registration fee that covers registration & a tithe to support the Ix Chel Tropical Research Foundation and the Traditional Healers of Belize.
Once you have registered Jacqueline will contact you about making payment for the tuition Fee and how you can pay.  Also give you all other information that you need.

ATMAT® Treatments

How to Register : Once you have decided where and when, on either a prearranged course or one organised at a time and place of your choosing the next step is to register. Go online a
♻️ Choose self care training & United Kingdom
♻️ Choose Jacqueline advertisement by clicking on date
♻️ Fill in registration form, and pay your $98.00 registration fee

For more information and to contact Jacqueline fill in and submit the Application form

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